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NT Technologies is a Web Development/Database Integration company, which came about as a direct result of working on a nine-month WebTech Team job creation project.  The Web Tech Team consisted of one project co-ordinator and 12 highly skilled individuals that received their MCSE (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer) and Web Technician education in Lambton County.

The goal of the Web Tech Team was to obtain valuable web development experience, while contributing to the community by developing web sites for non-profit organizations in Lambton County.  Over the nine months, WTT managed to build 100 web sites for non-profit organizations.  Of that 100, 65 web sites are “live” on the internet today.

NT Technologies is dedicated to taking your websites over and keeping them maintained and updated for your organization.

We at NT Technologies are also offering the Non-Profit Organizations in Lambton County an opportunity to have a presence on the Web under a common domain name www.lambtoncounty.com

Our goal is to bring these Organizations into the ever-increasing world of technology via the Internet.

Below is a screen-shot of www.lambtoncounty.com


LambtonCounty.com will be maintained on a daily basis by NT Technologies. We are a company dedicated to customer service, and have the ability to use today’s technologies to achieve this.

The World Wide Web is a constantly changing medium that requires dedication in order keep a web site current in today’s communications.

Hosting Umbrella Proposal

NT Technologies offers solutions that will benefit, the Non-Profit Organizations in Lambton County by using the Internet as a tool to increase public awareness within the County.  Some benefits are listed below.  

·        Being hosted under our site will allow you to reach a higher number of Internet users through the use of Search Engine submission updates.

·        This will educate people in the County that the non-profit organizations use volunteers and detail the different means of funding for individual organizations.

·        This will allow them to expand the resources that are required to keep pace with this technology.

·        NT Technologies will give the non-profit organizations the same quality service that was given them by the Web Tech Team with an additional service of being hosted under www.lambtoncounty.com


  • Host your Web Site under www.lambtoncounty.com
    • Four Levels of hosting:
      • Business
      • Organization
      • Personal
      • Your own domain name
Note: These levels will include a link on LambtonCounty.com’s homepage that will go directly to your web site.


  • Web site development
      • In-house design and project management 
      • Unique quality control features to ensure the integrity of website
      • The most current technologies
      • Client involvement at all stages of development


  • Re-structuring of an existing web site
      • Able to re-structure entire site
      • Change content
      • Add web pages
      • Update graphics


  • Updates to the web site
      • Company Newsletters
      • New product/service listings
      • New information, new pictures


  • Search Engines
      • Submission of your Companies keywords and short description
      • Maintain high ranking with use of customized software


  • Monthly Web Site Statistics
      • Who is coming to your site and where they are coming from
      • When people are coming to your site
      • The browsers people are using when visiting your site
      • Information about how people are finding your pages
      • Which pages are getting accessed and in what ways


  • E-commerce solutions
      • Miva Merchant software

Web Hosting Services

You have a choice of having your own domain name, or being under Lambton County

Hosting Services


Under www.lambtoncounty.com

(eg. www.lambtoncounty.com/yourorganization)

-Free Monthly Web Statistics
-Your organization's logo and link will appear on  LambtonCounty.com's main page


 Your own Domain Name

(eg. www.yourorganization.com)

-Free Monthly Web Statistics
-Your organization's logo and link will appear on  LambtonCounty.com's main page



Development and Maintenance Services



Web Development

$350(basic site – 4 pgs)
$30/hr ( for additional work after the basic site is created)

Updates/Site Maintenance


Search Engine Submission


Site Tune-Up Reports $5/month
Digital Photography

$20/photograph   (This includes traveling to client location, taking photo(s), Image Quality & Enhancements, Photo Editing)

Training & Consultation


Networking Services



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